Savouring the global flavours of barbeques


New Delhi, Jan 30: One of the most tantalising of all cooking methods, smoking hot barbeque dishes have been an everlasting temptation for connoisseurs and an ongoing food festival that celebrates this spirit brings together American, Oriental, European and our very own Indian tastes to woo foodies.

haddis tandoori

The International Barbecue Festival at the The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel in east Delhi offers an exciting menu, coupled with lip-smacking servings, sauces and condiments.

Hosted on an open terrace at Frangipani (outdoor patio) on the third floor of the luxurious property, the venue of the festival is just accurate to suit one’s mood. Fancy a picturesque setting with smooth winter breeze and a light drizzle! And that is not all: Retro music in the background and the fervour of the countryside with its unadorned furniture, rustic decorations and warm hostesses sort of transport you to an altogether different setting.

Ranging from the duck, chicken, lamb and pork to some brilliant additions in the vegetarian menu, the festival appears to be all that a barbeque connoisseur would look forward to.

But despite the excitement that builds up with the amazing ambience and a very promising menu, one’s spirit is almost instantly drowned when the first order arrives. Mine was a specially curated experience and yet, the mere sight of the “Roast Duck”, followed by “Roast Chicken” were enough to turn one off.

Have you ever imagined going to Switzerland and not seeing snow around? Would you be disappointed? Perhaps.

It is an almost similar experience when one is served cold “Roast Duck” and “Roast Chicken” in a barbeque festival. What one expected was smoking hot pieces of duck and chicken with burn marks of the barbeque visible on the surface but what came was the exact opposite. Was it all bad? Definitely not but there was a fine sense of something missing and the hosts may perhaps do better by catching on.

Barring this blimp, the ethereal sense of a barbeque festival was enchanting enough to keep one occupied for almost two hours. From the American menu, the hamburger and the Jamaican jerk chicken with Nachos or Caesar salad, stand out, as do eggplant skewers and asparagus from the oriental menu. Grilled lamb chops and Halloumi steak from the European menu arrived just as they should, and tasted outstandingly ravishing.

The festival will teleport you into the world of global barbeque roasts, exotic salads and mouth-watering deserts. Enjoy the exciting setting of food trucks, British tables, beautiful canopies and English retro music but ensure that you are served smoking hot delicacies.


Venue: The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi

Time: Lunch: 12 noon-3 p.m. (only on weekends)/Dinner: 7 p.m.-11 p.m.

Price: Lunch Rs 999 or Rs 1,299 (with unlimited beer)

Dinner: Rs 1,299 or Rs 1,599 (with unlimited beer)