Sambhaji Bhagat performs at IITGN


Gandhinagar, March 21: Students cheered to the songs of Sambhaji Bhagat at Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) on Tuesday in an event titled ‘Songs of Protest’. Sambhaji Bhagat is a revolutionary artist and a Dalit activist, who has strongly and significantly vocalized issues of social justice pertaining to caste and class in contemporary India.

During the event, Bhagat kept inspiring the students to keep contributing towards the economic and social growth of the country.  Around 300 students attended the event.

Talking about the event, Bhagat said, “We are not here to entertain you but to disturb you and to provoke your thoughts. We have attained political freedom but we are yet to achieve social freedom and economic freedom.”

General Secretary of Student Council at IITGN, Subham Patil said “The event was aimed to engage its audience with the possibilities of expressions that are inherent to art. Art, through its ability to connect and communicate, holds an immense amount of potential for social change. Throughout world history, movements, especially ones addressing concerns of social justice, have reached people and connected to them through different musical platforms. This event was an immersive experience into the world of music as a tool for provoking thought and action, and will also open up a space for artists in campus to explore the potentialities of art.”