Police nabs the rumour monger – restores the reputation of Shah Ghouse Cafe & Hotel of Hyderabad


Rumour monger an MBA student insists that he did it to curb on partying friends there

Culprit V Chandra Mohan said he himself enjoys the delicious food of Ghouse Cafe

By: Rafat Nayeem Quadri

Ahmedabad,  Dec 24:  Enormous hard work, planning and investment is required to initiate, run and generate goodwill of a business concern, and if it is food related then all the more.

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But, when it is subjected to suspicion and negative propaganda it takes minutes to tarnish the image and goodwill of both its food and reputation.

It so happened with Shah Ghouse Hotel & Cafe of Hyderabad, which has become a household name for  Hyderabadi food lovers  across the city, state and among overseas visitors.

One V. Chandra Mohan Chary 22, who is pursuing MBA in Hyderabad was the master mind behind spreading the defamatory message against the Shah Ghouse hotel & cafe.

However, on Friday the Cyberabad police after good efforts nabbed Chandra Mohan. Who, speaking before the media also admitted that he himself is very fond of the food of Ghouse cafe and frequently visits it with his friends. But, to avoid spending money on repeated demand of friends to  throwing party at this hotel, he fabricated an  idea of damaging the reputation of the food of Ghouse hotel. So that his riends stop eating here and he will not have to bear the burden of paying bills.

Subsequently, he managed to obtain the snapshot of different pictures and spread the defamatory message saying that the hotel was using Dog Meat while preparing Biryani.

Chandra Mohan with an intention to create panic among his friends, changed the message of the post carrying the images of slaughtered dogs, to “Dog’s meat was found at Shah Ghouse Restaurant on December 8”.

He then used WhatsApp social media for spreading this fake message to his friends. But, within minutes the message flew across the country and overseas, tarnishing the reputation of Ghouse hotel and Cafe.

As a result, civic authorities quickly took necessary action on the management and investigation was initiated.

Meanwhile, the hotel management filed a complaint with the Cyberabad Police stating that the rumours about dog meat was false and was purposely done to defame the rising reputation of the hotel and cafe. They also demanded an action against two local TV channels for telecasting fake news against them without taking the pains to verify or visit.

Police stated that investigation was carried out based on a complaint filed on 14th December by  Mohammad Rabbani, Proprietor of Shah Ghouse Hotels (with branches at Shiliband, Tolichowli and Gachibowli). Police has taken Chandra into remand and investigation is still on exploring other angles too. 

Kauser Khan of Ghouse Hotel & Cafe speaking to Bilkulonline reiterated that “we were aware that since December 13 some unknown persons had been spreading rumours through WhatsApp message and hence we were forced to lodge a police complaint”.

 Based on the complaint registered under Cr. No.168/2016 u/s 290, 500 IPC and Sec. 66 (D) IT Act police took necessary steps and grabbed the culprit – V Chandra Mohan Chary.

Kauser Khan added that the food of Ghouse hotel was getting more and more popular which could have led the competitors to take the siege of such scrupulous methods.

Khan explained that the Shah Ghouse Cafe food is  highly appreciated by all and hence they have been awarded and recognised by the State and other prestigious organisations.