National Milk Day celebrated countywide


Mega Motorbike rally titled ‘Celebrating Dr Kurien’

                 culminates at Anand, Anand: As India celebrated National Milk Day yesterday, a

group of fifty youngsters on motorbikes, riding to celebrate Dr Verghese Kurien,
reached their final destination at Anand. They completed the 10-day
bike rally spanning over 3,100 km that wasundertaken to meet people
and visit places created and inspired by Dr Verghese Kurien.

Gujarat: Every year on November 26, India celebrates the birth
anniversary of Dr Verghese Kurien, Father of White Revolution in
India, as National Milk Day. This year, GCMMF Ltd. which markets the
popular brand ‘Amul’, had organized the second edition of itsmega
motorbike rally to commemorate Dr Verghese Kurien’s 97th birth
anniversary. The rally which was flagged off from Jammu on November 17
reached its grand finale in the milk city of Anand, which is also the
 Sh. Ramsinh Parmar, Chairman-GCMMF falicitating biker along with Sh. Dilip Rath, Chairman-NDDB_Sh. R S Sodhi, MD-GCMMF and Ms. Nirmala Kurien
The last leg of this mega-mot orbike rally was flagged off from
Ahmedabad early morning by Shri Anil Bayati (MD, AmulFed Dairy). The
bikers reached Anand and first visited Amul Dairy of the Kaira
District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd – the first district
milk producers’ union.  The rally was then flagged off by dignitaries
to Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA), a premier management
institute set up by Dr VergheseKurien. From there, amidst the
resounding music of trumpets and drumrolls, the young bikers along
with the dignitaries were given a grand red-carpet welcome at the
campus of National Dairy Development Board. About thousand children
from Anandalaya School were also present.

On this occasion, Ms Nirmala Kurien, daughter of Dr VergheseKurien,
said that her “father chose to live in Anand for more than 64 years.
He lived, worked and died in his beloved Gujarat.” She thanked the
young bikers for taking up an arduous journey. Shri R S Sodhi (MD,
GCMMF Ltd.) appreciated the mega motorbike rally as a great way of
celebrating National Milk Day as it has done the job of “connecting
all the institutions, the legendary Dr.Verghese Kurien has built,
right from Jammu & Kashmir to Anand.” To the school children of
Anandalaya, he gave the message that “We should not underestimate
human capacity”, and that can be learnt from Dr Verghese Kurien who
did so much in one lifetime.

Shri Ramsinh Parmar (Chairman, GCMMF and Kaira DCMPU) eulogized Dr
Kurien for choosing to live with the dairy farmers whom he had
considered as his own, and thus ensuring that ‘my farmer’ attained
more and more prosperity. He also reminisced how he had been in touch
with Dr Kurien for 30 years of his life and how it built his faith in
the power of cooperatives.

Shri Dilip Rath, Chairman NDDB expressed his gratitude towards the
team of bikers for undertaking this arduous journey and connecting all
the institutions formed under the leadership of Dr. Kurien thus
contributing to making the event a success.

The young bikers too shared their heartfelt experiences and expressed
how all the grand welcomes, respect and garlanding they had received
were not for them but for one individual who is Dr VergheseKurien. All
the bikers were then felicitated by the dignitaries. While thirty
bikers travelled from ‘Jammu to Anand’, another team of twenty bikers
followed the ‘Kutch to Anand’ route. Both the teams visited several
important institutions set up by Dr VergheseKurien in North and West
India. In a style that attracted the Indian youth, the National Milk
Day Rally ‘#CelebratingDrKurien’ explored the life and work of the man
who turned India from a milk deficient nation to one of the largest
producers of milk in the world.This interesting expedition
titled‘#CelebratingDrKurien’ aimed to keep afresh the value of
Dr.Kurien’s contributions in the minds of all, especially the youth.
The idea was to cherish the legend by hearing his story directly from
the people who he touched. Visits to the institutions that were
inspired by him were to bring about a sense of deeper appreciation for
the spirit of cooperation and the daily availability of milk that we
take for granted.

Heads of various institutions in Anand created by Dr Verghese Kurien
were also present on this occasion. This includes Shri DilipRath
(Chairman, NDDB), Shri K M Jhala (COO, GCMMF Ltd.), Shri Mangaljit Rai
(Chairman, NCDFI), Shri A M Vyas (MD, Kaira DCMPU), Shri K. Supekar
(MD, NCDFI), Shri Sangram Chaudhry (Executive Director, NDDB), Shri Y
YPatil(Executive Director, NDDB), Dr J B Prajapati (Chairman, Vidya
Dairy, and Dean, Dairy Science College), Sh. D R Shah (MD, Vidya
Dairy), Dr Nikhil Kharod (CEO, Tribhuvandas Foundation), Shri M K
Sinha (Principal, Anandalaya School), Shri Rajesh Subramaniam (MD,
IDMC) and Shri Dinesh Reddy (Programme Director, FES)

State Milk Federations join hands

This year too, various State Milk Marketing Federations who market
popular brands like Snowcap, Verka, Vita, Mother Dairy, and Saras,
joined hands with GCMMF-marketed brand Amul – thus making for a
fitting tribute to The Milkman who transformed the dairy industry in

In its first edition in 2017, Amul celebrated National Milk Day with a
7-day bike rally spanning 1800 kilometres from Dr. Kurien’sjanmabhoomi
in Kozhikode, Kerala, to his karmabhoomi in Anand, Gujarat. The State
Milk Marketing Federations which participated back then were Milma,
Nandini, Goa Dairy, Gokul Dairy, Katraj Dairy. In the run-up to Dr.
VergheseKurien’s centenary birth anniversary in 2021, brand Amul plans
to augment these celebrations every year, inviting voluntary
cooperation from various people and institutions – a fitting tribute
to the legend who taught us the value of cooperation.