MICA’s Sankalp group organises ‘Khula Aasman’


Ahmedabad, Feb 6: MICA’s student run theatre committee, Sankalp hosted the year’s second edition ‘Khula Aasman’ on MICA Day, 5th February, 2017, to mark the completion of 26 years of MICA. Khula Aasman attempts to celebrate theatre as an expression of life, by providing a platform for students to create, and showcase short plays to the MICAn community.

khula asman

This year, Khula Aasman witnessed a production of 6 plays, involving MICAn students across batches who took up the roles of directors, actors, and production teams. The event saw the presentation of plays panning across various genres like the ‘Theatre of the Absurd’, thrillers, mythological tales, social commentaries, satires, and classical adaptations.

Ashutosh Shrivastava, one of the directors that exhibited her play at Khula Aasman, said, “It was an amazing experience to actually feel and watch your story go real, that too when it is performed with such dedication by your classmates, my actors Ankita and Sagun. You think in words when you are writing the play but the irony is by the time I was watching it as a director I was speechless that I had created these words and given these characters life! Couldn’t have asked for anything more!”

Moksha Bhambani, one of the students who was part of the audience commented on how enjoyable and inspiring the experience was. “Khula Aasman, as the name symbolises, is one of those unique events which serves as an open canvas, and gives creative freedom to theatre enthusiasts to perform their choice of work. It gives their words wings, and it is truly an experience to behold.”


This year marks the 18th year of Sankalp, MICA’s student run theatre society. Sankalp hosts Khula Aasman tri-annually, along with several other productions throughout the year.