MICA Organizes Theater Showcase ‘Khula Aasman’


Gandhnagar, March 9: MICA’s student run theatre committee, Sankalp, hosted the year’s final theatrical event, The Khula Aasman Showcase on 8th March, 2017.

khula 2

A platform for budding directorial talent to prove their mettle, the event has been an audition of sorts for the theatre committee’s coveted Director’s Guild.  The event, held at MICA’s very own, Mani Ayer Auditorium, saw a packed and engaged audience who were excited to see their peers go head to head after several sleepless nights of preparation.   This year’s Showcase saw five 40 minute plays, with varied themes and characters. Up first, Manu Pratap Singh delivered a one man show, ‘The Myths and Bricks Project’ where he embodied a character with multiple personas. The show went one with Harshit Sharma’s play, ‘The Fire and the Rain’, exploring the elements of good and bad within each of us through a lesser known excerpt from Mahabharata.  

The third act of the evening was a series of short absurdist sketches adapted by director Manasvi Srivastava who later shared his experience, “Khula Aasman is a fantastic platform to showcase one’s proclivity towards theatre. I was amazed by the possibilities that were available to me.” The fourth play of the night was ‘Bits and Pieces’ directed by Rhea Jain, a tale of a woman suffering from a peculiar disorder and her consultation with a doctor. The final play of Showcase 2017 was based on the greek legend of Tithonus, Eos’ consort, the man weary with immortality. This final play was directed by Monica Chandil, another PGP 1 student.  

Throughout the Khula Aasman Showcase the director’s managed to keep their audience transfixed, weaving stories and choreographing movements with great panache. Sankalp, the student run theatre committee will now evaluate the directors and announce the Director’s Guild for the next academic year shortly.    This year marks the 18th year of Sankalp, MICA’s student run theatre society. Sankalp