MICA organisesTEDx Conference with Gaurav Bhimani, Anu Menonand others


Ahmedabad, Feb 14: On Sunday, TEDxMICA, the student run TEDx event organizing committee of MICA brought together some of the most interesting speakers to host a fiesta of inspirational talks at MICA campus. Celebrities of the likes of Dalip Tahil, Dolly Thakore, Anu Menon, Manish Mundra, Jithin C. Nedumala, Gaurav Bhimani were amongst the 13 speakers of the event. The theme of this event was PANORAMA. The speakers’ talks revolved around different aspects of their lives and how they have worked towards looking at the panorama of life and looking at it through a wider lens.

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Veteran actor Dalip Tahil spoke about the ‘Hero’ in Bollywood. “We all look for a hero, we all look for someone who is breaking shackles, barriers” he said while explaining the evolution of the ideal hero through the ages. Anu Menon of ‘Lola Kutty’ fame had the audience in splits as she spoke about the stereotypes in society with dollops of humour. Through her talk, she emphasized on how gender stereotypes affect a woman in the media industry.

Jithin C Nedumala, co-founder of MAD, talked about how young people can change the world and left us all inspired. He laid the four steps that every individual can follow to create change in society. Dolly Thakore spoke about how theatre as an art can bring about a complete improvement in a person’s life.

Gautam Bhimani, one of the most prolific observers of sports in India delivered a witty and engaging talk encompassing concepts like advertising and cricket, taking cues from his experiences. He described how the Australian way of looking at the game infused it with an energy that went on to shape its character around the world. He also shared a few lighter moments from his career, like when he was bruised by a Wasim Akthar bouncer as a dare.

The event gained huge popularity among the public and the hashtag #TEDxMICA went national trending twice during the day. “The success of this year’s edition of TedxMICA is the fact that even a day after the event concluded, students still discuss the various points raised through the day. As organizers, it heartens us to see that we have lived up to the event’s promise of inspiring minds,” said Ashwin Venugopal, a member of the organizing committee.

The event aimed at urging the audience to look at life from a broader perspective and behold the panorama.