Ahmedabad, November 10: On Wednesday, Dr. Philip Kitchen, the renowned Marketing Guru, voted as one of ‘The Top 50 Gurus Who Influenced the Future of Marketing’, and the brain behind the concept of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), addressed the students of MICA, where he is currently enjoying a week-long visit from 4 – 10 November 2016.

miaphli mica-tainAs per his schedule, Dr. Kitchen engaged in an interactive learning session with students, researchers and faculty at MICA, that focussed on the changing perspectives and dynamics of the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) amid the changing realities and with the emergence of digital and other newer forms of media.

He commenced his lecture by drawing attention to the way media has transformed over the past decade – harping on a basic overview of marketing, game-changing communication and the key challenges faced by both these disciplines. Dr. Kitchen elaborated on how “demand side excellence is instrumental to win the marketing game”. His belief is that today businesses need integrated communications, not just locally or nationally, but also from a global perspective. Given the speed, span and reach of electronic communication, there are no purely local or national firms, only global ones. This situation creates and underpins the need for communications which not only needs to be based on a sound and deep understanding of specific marketplace/space needs, but also adopts an integrated approach. Dr. Kitchen based his talk on this very concept, trying to answer the question if IMC is marketing oriented.

The talk was followed by a question answer session, whereby students interacted with Dr. Kitchen about the changing approaches of IMC, the impact of media options and the various examples he had used in the talk, one of which was Levi’s – for its effective IMC.