Love Addiction: Types and Treatment


We tend to romanticize relationships which makes us dream about immortal, powerful, and passionate love. Due to that, we are facing love addiction. We praise the object of our feelings and the feeling itself, and very often we suffer from that. So, what is love addiction and how to get rid of it? There are 3 basic types of it and there are different ways to heal it.

Type one. You can’t get out of destructive relationship

Let’s begin from the most painful and hardest one. We face this problem everywhere. Wives can’t leave their cheating husbands; men can’t admit their girlfriends do not respect them; couples have no more joint occupations that could bring them joy and respect. People stumble upon the same dilemma: to breakup or not to breakup. A strong desire to save the shell of a happy couple can be explained with strong love and sex. Addiction to these factors makes us blind to real problems, and the key result is your unhappiness. We can’t find any will to get over it because we are used to our sexual partner and are afraid to be single.

A way out. There are two cases. In the first one, a side suffers from psychological or physical violence. In this situation, you must turn to a person you trust within your romantic relationship: your parent, closest friend or psychologist. The primary requirement is the absence of accusations. Then. Unfortunately, you must face the fact that violence and disrespect in relationship never ends well. A breakup is unavoidable.

In the second case couples face crisis. They spend less time together, argue, and loose the previous passion. The relationship transforms into a routine. You have to ask yourself important questions: why do you want to stay with this person? What your life will look like if you stay together?

Type two. You love someone out of reach

The types of inaccessibility of the person you love can be very different. An affection to your married coworker, your friend’s ex, your ex, a much older teacher or a parent of your pal – we know hundreds of scenarios of such sort of sex and love addiction. In most ways, the object of our affection is very praised. Their images become our most cherished dream, we build chimerical illusions of joint happiness, but we know nothing about them. As a rule, we even do not notice other people to build relationship with because of such obsession.

A way out. Psychologists say, such type of love addiction is usually caused by our admiration of certain traits. We can love a creative side of a person, their intellectual skills, a nice appearance, and other features. Maybe, it would help if you work out these traits in yourself. Another good way to overcome the addiction is to accurately imagine your potential relationship. Are you really ready for scandals with their exes? Do you really can find common interests with a 20 years older person?

Type three. Love drug

There are people who fall in love very quickly, very often, and suffer too much. This feeling brings them a true sense of life and there’s nothing worse than losing it. Because of such morbid affection, they quickly get disappointed as there actually was nothing but all-consuming passion, not a relationship. They also may be in committed relationship but always fall in love with someone else, and such affairs never last long.

A way out. Love addiction recovery in this case is necessary if such storms of affection ruin your career, family, and brings you mostly pain. It is very familiar to drugs or alcohol: after some time of euphoria then comes a feeling of emptiness and despair. Try to find drive and sense of live in other things: art, travelling, charity, career, and hobbies. Society assures that love is the most precious thing to die for, but does it worth suffering and blind adoration when there are so many sources of happiness?