Khedut Vedna Yatra (A footmarch to highlight farmers’ distress in Gujarat)


Ahmedabad, Dec 18: 

Khedut Vedna Yatra (A footmarch to highlight farmers’ distress in Gujarat) entered its fourth day on Saturday. The yatra is being led by the Secretary of Khedut Samaj Gujarat (KSG), Shri Sagar Rabari.

This morning they set off from village Shahpur (Junagadh) and stopped at village Vadhavi for lunch. Apart from Shri Rabari, Shri Pinak Dhamelia of KSG and Shri Rupesh Kumar from Vaishali, Bihar, Shri Karabapa, Shri Hamirbhai Ram, Shri Sureshbhai Makwana are also in the march, as also the people from the villages en route who join the marchers. The night halt for tonight is at village Vadal, where there will also be night meeting.

One of the major issues to come up at meetings is that of demonitization and the resultant difficulties in the midst of the peak sowing season. The farmers and villagers use the meetings to express their extreme frustration and anger on account of demonitization. The meetings also touch upon the issues of the amendments to the LARR 2013 by the GoG, and the other Acts such as the SIR Act and the Irrigation and Drainage Act which only further deepen the crisis which farmers and the farm sector as a whole face in Gujarat.

The phenomenon of ‘jobless growth’ and the crisis of joblessness on account of automation in the not-so-distant future are also issues which touch the people deeply. The meetings are being attended by educated young men in the villages and their main concern is about how to make agriculture profitable.