Israeli underwater surveillance system to guard Mumbai naval assets


Mumbai, Feb 3: An Israeli-designed Integrated Under Water Harbour Defence and Surveillance System for the Indian Navy was inaugurated by Western Naval Command chief, Vice Admiral Girish Luthra here on Friday.

He said that the IUHDSS will enhance the security of valuable naval assets against asymmetric threats, both on surface and sub-face (underwater).

Termed as “a significant step in strengthening Harbour Defence and Security” at Mumbai, the UUHDSS is a state-of-the art system designed and developed by Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) ELTA for surface and sub-surface surveillance of the harbour.

It comprises high resolution Radars, Electro-Optic Cameras and Sonars.

The sensors have been strategically installed around the Mumbai Naval Harbour to provide comprehensive realtime situational awareness for monitoring and analyses.

Besides detecting large targets, the IUHDSS can also detect small targets like boats, divers and swimmers at adequate ranges.

The system will boost the security in and around Mumbai where 10 Pakistani terrorists had sneaked in via the Arabian Sea route and wreaked havoc during the November 26, 2008 terror strikes.