India’s first RO-PAX ferry to set sail from Ghogha Port on Oct 27


Ahmedabad, October 25: India’s first RO-PAX ferry service between Ghogha and Dahej ports will be launched by honorable chief minister Vijaybhai Rupani on 27th October 2018, as the vessel ‘Voyage Symphony’ is primed to set sail on
its maiden journey from Ghogha Terminal.

 The High Speed ‘Passenger’ Ferry Service on the same route was
inaugurated by the Prime Minister,  Narendra Modi on
22nd October 2017.

Detox Group, the group operating the RO-RO ferry service between Dahej & Ghogha ports under the SPV – Indigo Seaways Pvt. Ltd. is a Surat based company with an experience of over two decades in the field of Environmental Engineering, Industrial &
Domestic waste Management and Development & Operations of Environmental Infrastructure facilities across India. This RO-RO Ferry service is a PPP Project of Gujarat Maritime Board (Government of Gujarat) and Indigo Seaways Pvt. Ltd. (ISPL).

‘Voyage Symphony’ is primed to set sail on its maiden journey from Ghogha Terminal

This project is launched in the Gulf of Cambay between the Dahej &
Ghogha ports of Gujarat. It is a challenging project as the daily
tidal variation is more than 11 m and the currents are more than 4 – 5
nautical miles during the day. Developing such a project in such
adverse conditions was the biggest challenge the GMB had taken. They
have successfully completed their job and now ISPL shall take up the
ferry operations successfully.

The RO-Pax (Roll-on/ Roll-off) ferry service that will shuttle
passengers as well as multi-wheeled cargo, will act as a bridge
between South Gujarat and Saurashtra, helping promote business and
increase revenue generation with the same infrastructure. The RO-PAX
ferry service will reduce the travel time for cargo and passengers
from 10 -12 hours to just 1.5 hours. ‘Voyage Symphony’ has a capacity
to load 60 trucks, 5 – 7 buses, 35 – 40 cars, 40 bikes and a
cumulative capacity to carry 525 passengers on board per voyage.

The journey, which will be economical as compared to road travel,
shall also help to reduce congestion on highways and reduce carbon
footprint. For multi-wheeled empty cargo (including one Driver &
Cleaner), the charges stand at Rs 4500 for trucks, Rs 4500 for buses,
Rs 800 for cars, and Rs 150 for two wheelers. Additional charges
applicable for cargo shall be Rs. 125/- per Ton in case of Trucks and
Rs. 2500/- for 36 passengers per Bus. The price of a one-way ticket
for passengers will range between Rs 200 and Rs 400 depending on the
Class of Seating.

The Vessel, Voyage Symphony, is of 2015 make and built in Korea with
an approximate length of 110 M, gross registered tonnage of 6543 MT
and draft of 3.8m. The RO-PAX Ferry is a double-ended ferry that shall
sail at an average speed of 15-17 knots with a sea transit time of 1
hour between Dahej & Ghogha ports. Commercial operations shall be

starting from 27th October 2018 after which the vessel shall do two

round trips per day and within 6 months the vessel shall be completing upto 6 round trips per day.

The round trip between Bhavnagar to Surat, which currently takes 36
hours, can now be completed in 12 hours which will increase the
revenue for the bus & truck operators. The decreased run time of
vehicles will reduce the consumption of fossil fuel and reduce air
pollution considerably.

Indigo Seaways Pvt. Ltd. (ISPL) shall also be starting an end to end
bus service for passengers traveling from Surat to Bhavnagar. While
the passengers can board the bus from Surat, Bharuch or Ankleshwar and
de-board at Bhavnagar, the bus will be ferried between Dahej and
Ghogha as a part of the journey. The end to end fare for this bus
service shall be Rs 500 per person.

Apart from this, ISPL also plans to schedule special trips for the
Jain community to visit Palitana. It normally takes 3 days for people
traveling from Mumbai to complete one visit to Palitana, but with this
ferry will help them complete their tour in 36 hours.

For the High speed passenger ferry ISPL invites bus operators to
utilize the Ferry for transporting their passengers at a cost of Rs.
350/- per passenger for a round trip . This will reduce the travel
time, wear and tear on vehicles and ensure the fastest route for
transportation of passengers. The fast passenger ferry can make around
8 round trips in a day which means that it can transfer 3400
passengers per day.
ISPL has their independent website for booking viz. and booking will be open from 25th October 2018.
ISPL is also in process of engaging agents to support the end users
who have limited access to internet and technology. The list of agents
shall be disclosed soon.

ISPL is looking forward to connecting Kutch – Surat, Kutch – Mumbai
and Pipavav – Mumbai in the near future. The vessels for these routes
have already been identified. These services shall reduce the travel
time between South Gujarat & Saurashtra and boost business and