IITGN’s Lab tour a hit among students


Ahmedabad: Students from across the state flocked to Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) on Saturday (March 11, 2017) to see the research labs of the institute. The labs were open to students from outside the institute as a part of its annual technological event called ‘IGNITE 3.0’.

The day hosted several events including tours of research laboratories at the institute, 3-D Printing Workshop, expert talk on drones followed by airshows, quiz and exhibition of scientific projects by students of IITGN.

Students made a beeline to visit and see the cutting edge equipment at the research laboratories such as Fuel cell lab, Photonics lab, Material Science lab, and Design and Innovation Centre of the institute. Around 700 students took part in the lab tours in which the research students working in the labs explained the specialties and applications of the equipment as well as the kinds of researches that are going on in those labs.

The 3D printing workshop and the expert talk on Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAV) and Drones, which were held at the institute’s auditorium, had participations of around 600 students each.

Aeromodelling and drone expert, Dr Aruna Rana, who is also known as the drone lady in the circle gave a talk of UAV and drones. Talking about the response of people towards UAVs, the veteran expert said, “In the 1970s and 80s people didn’t know much about UAVs. But today, almost everyone knows about UAVs and drones because of the advancement in communication technology. However the enthusiasm of watching a live show remains just the same.”


The team of expert drone flyers exhibited various skills such as flying in various formations, aerobatics, toeing banner in the air etc.