IITGN Alumni who received institute support comes back to help juniors


Gandhinagar, April 6: Soon after graduating, the BTech Class of 2016 of Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN), has volunteered to support their alma mater and their juniors. The alumni of the batch felt that it is a matter of gratitude to give back to their alma mater and to the society in general. So the alumni batch has set up an endowment fund to create the “Class-of-2016 Scholarship”, an award for meritorious students in the institute. Out of the batch of about 115 students, 30 students are actively donating to the endowment fund on a monthly basis.

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There are the many personal stories of the students from the batch who are contributing towards endowment fund. One student from the batch, who was from a remote village of India, got various opportunities at IITGN including personality development workshops and international exposure. Empowered by these experiences, the student is now well-placed and has committed a monthly contribution to the fund as a token of gratitude.

In another instance, a student of the batch needed urgent financial help during his stay IITGN. The institute supported the student with his financial needs immediately. This left a lasting impression and motivated the student to help others who are in need. Now the student is paying it forward by making a significant recurring contribution to the endowment fund.

The alumni have decided to keep the names of the donors anonymous for the moment. A student coordinator of the batch, Mr. Yash Pratap Singh said, “The BTech Class has decided to keep the identity of the donor and the donated amount anonymous and confidential so that those who intend to donate but haven’t done it yet, do not feel left out.”

The first “Class-of-2016 Scholarship” was awarded to Mr. Danish Mansoor. He will receive scholarship of Rs. 2000 per month for ten months.

IIT Gandhinagar Director, Prof. Sudhir K Jain says “It is heartening that our freshly-minted alumni have started to make regular donations to IIT Gandhinagar. More than the donation, I am glad to see the spirit of our alumni as well as the developing bond with the institute, and look forward to a continued association.”

IITGN has more than 750 alumni at the moment and about 10% of these alumni are already donating to the institute for various causes. Faculty coordinator, Office of Alumni Relations at IITGN, Prof. Amit Arora believes that the relationship of an educational institute and its alumni is a two-way relationship. He says, “The success of an institute impacts the alumni and the success of alumni defines the institute. The Office of Alumni Relations is an initiative to nurture the relationship of the institute and its alumni.”