IIT Gandhinagar staff bonded over ‘Leaps and Bounds’


The second edition of the Outbound Training (OBT) initiative for IITGN staff honed their interpersonal skills, peer-to-peer relationships and teamwork with several fun-filled activities in natural environs 


Palaj, Gandhinagar: It was an offbeat day for more than 85 staff members of the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) on December 08, 2018, as the Staff Development Cell (SDC) of the institute organized ‘Leaps and Bounds’ OBT 2.0, the second edition of the much-awaited annual Outbound Training (OBT) initiative. The SDC works towards teamwork, trust-building and overall development of the IITGN staff through multifaceted approaches, one of which is an annual OBT. The OBT 2.0 facilitated the staff members of different sections to interact with their colleagues beyond the regular office protocols and come together to enjoy the day with their colleagues with several unique team building and adventurous activities.

IMG_0404- Rope walking IMG20181208183231- jungle cooking IMG_0545- IITGN Registrar engaging in a team exercise with staffhe training program was arranged in the natural environs of an eco-tourism camp site in Panchmahal with an aim to effectively cultivate interpersonal skills, nurture inter-group relations and encourage teamwork while creating memories to cherish forever. Various team building and team coordination exercises, adventurous activities like eco go-carting, rock-climbing, rope bridge walking, zip lining, trekking and jungle cooking, and fun-filled activities like bird aviary, swimming and rain bath gave an exciting opportunity to the participants to know the other side of their colleagues.

IITGN staff gave an overwhelming response to this one of its kind program and opined that through OBT 2.0 they experienced one of the best times with their colleagues and that it has helped them in strengthening their peer-to-peer relationships.

The SDC of IITGN constantly strives to update and upgrade various professional skills and knowledge of staff members as well as proactively works towards establishing a positive, stress-free and creative work environment for its staff.