Gujarat’s Karate kids win 7 Medals and laurels for the Country

946, Ahmedabad, June 11: Recently between 26th May, 2017 – 29th May,2017, Nepal Karate federation organized the 22ndInternational   High School  –  Karate Championship at Dashrath Rangshala Stadium at Kathmandu.

Over a thousand kids from India & some international countries participated in the  event  . Gujarat’s Karate Kids practicing Shito  RiyuKarate form participated in different weight categories and they have won 7 medals in Kata  & Kumite forms of  Karate at this International event.

Gujarat’s  students   belonging   to St Xavier’s School ,  Mirzapur  & some other district of Gujarat have done country as well as our state proud by winning these  prestigious medals. These Karate kids were trained extensively  by  Sensei  Falgun Shah , Sensei Jayesh undvia & Sensei Owesh Shaikh in various forms of Kata  and Kumite before participating in this international event.

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Principal  of St Xavier’s School , Mirzapur – Reverend Father Titus D’Costa blessed all these award winning kids & organized a special church prayer for the well being of these kids & also for the citizens of Nepal.

Medals Winners

Parth kapadia                      :          Kumite  :      Gold medal

Afzan A Pathan                   :           Kata        :      Silver medal

Deep Kapadia                      :           Kumite  :      Silver medal

 Anirudh Thakur                 :           Kumite   :      Bronze medal

Ms. Maitri Honey               :           Kumite :       Bronze medal

Shaikh Saijain V                  :           Kata       :       Bronze medal

Ms. Neelam Paladia           :           Kata       :       Silver medal