Gujarat: Disappointed farmers to take out “VEDNA YATRA” (pain march) from Somnath to Sachivalay


Farmers in deep distress :  Stop vibrant Celebrations

Khedut Samaj appeals to PASS, OBC Ekata Manch and Dalit Adhikar Manch to support, govt. not to put obstacles

In a press conference, Khedut Samaj (Gujarat) general secretary Sagar Rabari explained that :

We, the Khedut Samaj (Gujarat) KSG are working on the various issues of farmers and farm workers in Gujarat, are apolitical organization. These days, farmers of Guajrat are in distress due to natural calamities and the amendment in LAAR-2013 and other such anti-farmers policies/laws of GOG.

On the other side, the GOG is organizing vibrant summit for the polluting industries and depriving farmers of their land and water under the pretext of development which is jobless actually. In 2015 we had organized a march from Adalaj to Mahtama Mandir which was suppressed by the GOG by detaining farmer leaders previous night. At that time, farmers’ leaders had sent an open letter to would be investors to inform that about problems in getting land here.

So, express the anger among farmers to the loot of land and water for the signed MOU’s in vibrant, to educate farmers socially, politically and create awareness, KSG general secretary Sagar Rabari will start a foot march called “”Vedana Yatra” from Veraval (Somnath) to Sachivalay –Gandhinagar on 14th December and will reach Gandhinagar on 2nd January.

It is our past experience that, to obtain police/administrative permission from the administration is next to impossible for KSG. Previously when we organized a foot march from Dholera to Collector office, Ahmedabad, we had to approach Gujarat High Court to get permission. To approach judiciary for our democratic rights repeatedly is difficult and costly also. To avoid the difficulties in obtaining permission, we have organized one man march for entire 450 km long foot march from Somnath to Sachivalay because it does not violate any legal provision

During this “VEDNA YATRA” following issues will be highlighted to create awareness –

1                     Write off farmers’ debts, declare the date for 100% payment of crop insurance and provide cash help of 50000/- Rs. to all farmers.

2                     Scrap the amendments in LAAR-2013, SIR Act – 2009 and Drainage and Irrigation Act-2013 immediately.

3                     Establish an agriculture commission (Krishi aayog) with mandatory representation from farmers.

4                     Increase MSP by 100% and provide bank loan up to 80% of the farm produces.

5                     Cancel the amendments made in tenancy and ceiling act.

6                     Start programme to promulgate all the revenue records across Gujarat with a time limit.

7                     Clear pending list for electricity connections since year in a month time.

8                     Make sure that among 5 villages, a cold storage and ware house is built for farmers only.

9                     Make legal provision to start all the auctions in market starts with MSP only.

10                 Make provision for loss due to sanctuaries, forest animals, pigs etc and implement it.

11                 Re-command all the areas de-commanded from the irrigation projects.

12                 Fix a time table to complete canal work of the Narmada project and implement it.

13                 Publish a white-paper on Kalpsar project.

14                 Cancel the 7.5% automatic increase in irrigation charges annually.

15                 Immediately start allotting waste/barren land in villages to landless and small and marginal farmers.

16                 Stop selling grazing land at any cost, fix the grazing land according to cattle population and develop it.

17                 Return un-used land acquired for GIDC, irrigation projects and other purposes to the original farmers.

18                 No land acquisition for polluting industries in any case.

19                 Provide bank loan and training of agro-based industries to farmers.

This programme is for the implementation of these demands by the government. If fails in doing so, more aggressive programs will be organized.

(Sagar Rabari) 

General Secretary 

Note: This is a press release