Goa DGP concerned over suicide by women cops


Panaji, March 8 : Goa Director General of Police Muktesh Chander on Thursday expressed concern about a sudden spurt in suicides involving women police personnel.

Speaking at a police department function here, Chander also said that for working women, especially those in the police department, there was added tension at home when a spouse does not assist in household chores.

“We are concerned about issues related to women police officers and others ranks in Goa Police. One recent example is one case in which a lady PCA died. Inquest proceedings are on. Case is with the Crime Branch. Initial reports say that it is suicide but the case is being investigated,” Chander said.

“In the last few years there have been several such cases. Now, what are the reasons which drive a person to suicide? That is very important to understand. Why does one become so hopeless,” the official said.

Two police constables committed suicide on consecutive days in February.

Chander said that a bulk of the women personnel were young and with very little experience of working in the police department, at an age “of dreaming and falling in love and so many other issues related to early youth days”.

“Very rarely it is seen that both husband and wife, if they are working, they also share their household things. Washing, cleaning, sharing responsibilities of the children and all that.

“Many a times these things come as an extra burden on working women. This also creates tension,” Chander said, adding that in case of personal or work-related stress personnel, including women, should confide in superior officer they trust or friends.