Gandhi ava na hota … … (Gandhi was NOT like this …)

219, Ahmedabad May 21:

Karma Foundation on Saturday organised a talk on the theme of ‘Gandhi
avo na hota…’ by eminent journalist & Socio-political commentator
Mr. Dipak Soliya in the city.

The talk focused on how like most great souls, Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most misunderstood personalities.
Mr. Soliya said that while the world seems to have come together with
the internet and we are more educated, more multi-cultural, more open
than ever before, it is also apparent that we are more torn apart,
more fragmented and more indulgent in our petty identities.

Audience listening to the talk by Mr. Dipal Soliya on Gandhi organised by Karma Foundation

He dispelled many prevalent myths and beliefs about Gandhiji like, his
name stands only for Khadi and for being a difficult and stubborn
person who was dull and boring; that he was very weak compared to
brave heroes like Rana Pratap, Bhagat Singh and Shivaji; and that
Gandhian principles have no relevance today. Mr. Soliya tried
interpret and explain beautifully the life, legacy and relevance of
Mahatma Gandhi in our times.