Business head of Sony Danish Khan delivers lecture on “Cultural Content” at MICA


Ahmedabad, Jan 19: On Monday, MICA’s student run committee MICA Leadership Series hosted Danish Khan, Executive Vice President and Business Head of Sony Entertainment Television, Sony Pictures Network. Khan educated the students of MICA on the topic ‘Content for heterogenous India’.

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Khan started by bringing things into perspective by highlighting that even the most successful American shows wouldn’t be ‘successful’ without an international audience. Similarly, Dangal, the highest grosser was viewed only by 2-3% of the Indian population – 2.5 crore people. The urban audience, even though small in number however, demands unique content. Thus, he emphasizes, there is a need to create content for heterogenous India.

Khan then differentiated the needs of content of different cultural regions on the basis of their icons. While UP and Bihar have Rama as their cultural icon, thus turning to mythology, Gods and the government, Gujarat, Punjab, Delhi etc. have current day icons symbolizing progress, development, wealth etc., and Maharashtra and Bengal hold cultural pride tradition very dear. The biggest challenge, thus, he elucidates, is to address a variety of cultures, society, languages, ethos etc. at the same time.

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MICA Leadership Series (MLS), a student driven committee proactively works towards building industry conduit by having leaders across diverse fields to deliver a guest lecture to the student body at MICA. MLS aims at bringing a balance between academic pursuit and thought- provoking perspective from the industry so that students are able to foster a holistic approach towards learning as well as decision making.