Don’t implement Centre’s instructions without asking, Mamata orders officers


Kolkata, Dec 6 : West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday ordered state civil service officials not to implement instructions from the Central Government without permission of the state administration.

“Various types of instructions come (from the centre). You must keep in mind you work for the state government and you are under the state,” Banerjee said, addressing the annual general meeting of the West Bengal Civil Service Association.

“If somebody suddenly tells you do this or do that, don’t. If only somebody tells you on behalf of the state government then only do it, otherwise don’t.

“If there is any instruction from the Centre, don’t implement the instructions on your own without asking us,” she said.

The Bengal Chief Minister has gone hammer and tongs at the Narendra Modi government in recent times on a clutch of issues, including demonetisation and the presence of the army in toll plazas while keeping her administation “in the dark”.

Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress also smelt a conspiracy to “kill” her when an aircraft with her on board hovered in the night sky for about 40 minutes on November 30 due to a technical issue.

On the demonetisation mess, the Chief Minister said that the state’s revenue had fallen by 25 per cent.

“Small sector industries, unorganised sector, salaried class people are all in an unstable condition,” she said.