Conspiracy being hatched to destroy education: Sisodia


New Delhi, Nov 17: Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said on Thursday that a “conspiracy” is being hatched to destroy education being imparted to students in colleges and universities by poisioning it with communalism.

“Poisioning education means poisioning the mindset of the future generation permanently. There is a conspiracy to poision education with communalism and religion,” Sisodia wrote in his blog.

Sisodia, who is also the Education Minister of Delhi, has recently started a blog ‘Education Minister’s Notebook’ through which he shares his daily activities, experiences and suggestions related to education.

In the blog on Thursday, Sisodia shared his experience of attending a programme organised to protest the ‘anti-people education policy’ here.

He said that despite being Delhi’s Education Minister, he was attending the protest just because he cares for good education.

He said that only distributing mid-day meals, books, uniforms and appointing teachers is not education.

“I am worried that if people become successful in vitiating educational environment at the schools, colleges and universities then there will be no means of education,” Sisodia said.

“Being the education minister, it is my responsibility to protect schools, colleges and universities from becoming an arena of politics of casteism and religion,” Sisodia said, adding that JNU was the latest example.

“It is needed that we should oppose every such effort which turns schools and colleges into a centre of the education of any particular caste or religion,” he said.