Congress asks PM, Amit Shah to reveal links with Mahesh Shah


New Delhi, Dec 27 : Congress on Monday sought to know from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah what connections did they have with Gujarat businessman Mahesh Shah, who had declared Rs 13,860 crore of black money under the Income Declaration Scheme (IDS).

Income Tax department is considering criminal action against Shah and his CA Tehmul Sethna for the false declaration.

“First question we would like to ask who is Mahesh Shah and what connection does he have BJP leaders,” said Congress leader Jairam Ramesh at a press briefing.

“Former Chief Minister of Gujarat Suresh Mehta of BJP had said that Mahesh Shah used to visit Modi when he was Gujarat CM quite often without any restrictions. He enjoyed a green channel to the corridors of power in Gujarat.

“Is Modi going to tell the people what is the truth behind Rs 13,860 crore. Is he doing any probe into it?” he asked.

Congress also demanded a probe into how within two days after demonetisation, Rs 500 crore was deposited in the Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank of which Amit Shah is the director.

The party also asked how cash worth Rs 10 crore in old currencies was found in a private car in Maharashtra in a case where state ministers Pankaja Munde, Subhash Deshmukh and MP Pritam Munde are allegedly linked.

“It is clear case of money laundering,” said Ramesh and sought to know if all these cases are being investigated.