Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal organizes mock fire drill


Bengaluru, April 20: Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal conducted a comprehensive mock fire safety drill in collaboration with the Karnataka State Fire and Emergency Services Department at the hospital, yesterday. The session was attended by Columbia Asia hospital team, members of Karnataka State Fire and Emergency Services Department and volunteers. The session was organized to equip the hospital staff and focused on patient evacuation in case of emergency.

It included training of the staff and volunteers on patient evacuation during an emergency, tips on fire safety and various ways to extinguish fire. The drill was organized to communicate the dos and don’ts while evacuating patients and staff from the hospital complex.


“We have organized this fire safety drill to ensure that our hospital team is well equipped and strengthened to respond to any fire-related emergency. This training session gave confidence to the hospital staff to be prepared and act promptly to any such incidents in future. Organizing such sessions from time to time not only prepares hospital staff to ensure patient safety but also outlines a practical approach which the hospital team can follow without panic at a sudden emergency,” said Dr Ananth Rao, General Manager – Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal.

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