Ahmedabad, July 31: On 30 July, a meeting of All India Save Education Committee was organised in H. K. Arts College, Ahmedabad to discuss various educational problems in Gujarat. Presiding the meeting, Prof. Rohitbhai Shukla, President, Gujarat Chapter, AISEC, explained the condition of education starting from Primary level to the Higher education, various aspects of problems like fees, drop out, vacancies of teachers, non educational work assigned to the government teachers, privatisation-commercialisation, issues of autonomy, etc. Prof. Hemantkumar Shah, Lecturer, H. K. Arts College told that Higher Education Commission of India Bill is contrary to the spirit of Constitution and aimed at total bureaucratic and political control over the higher education.
Prof Shah suggested that It should be opposed by all sections of the society including Vice Chancellors, Professors, Students, etc.
Prof. Anis Roy, All India General Secretary, AISEC, who was the Chief Guest of the programme, told that condition of education is similarly worrying in the entire India. And so he gave stress on strengthening AISEC as a platform for struggle to save education from multifarious attacks of the ruling class and pursue people’s alternative policy of education which was the dream of our social reformers and freedom fighters. He also announced the name of Sh. Prakashbhai N. Shah as All India President of AISEC. Sh. Prakashbhai said in his deliberation that this is an ongoing struggle. And this struggle is not of students, teachers, parents or any one section, but the struggle of education.
Among the other speakers were Prof. Bharat Mehta, Secretary, Gujarat Chapter, AISEC, Sh. Vinubhai Amin, Prof. Shashikant Terraiya, President, Part time Lecturers’ Association, Jyoti, a school student and others. The entire programme was conducted by Dr. Kanubhai Khadadiya, Joint Secretary, Gujarat Chapter, AISEC.
It was decided to observe 26 September, Birth Anniversary of Vidyasagar as ‘Save Education Day’ and organise various programme.