Tanmay Gangopadhyay a teacher who inspired many is no more


By: Tanushree Gangopadhyay

Tanmay Gangopadhyay, a Baroda based Teacher and Literary figure, and Management consultant,passed away  on Sunday. He was 73.
He was in Coma for three days in a city ‘s superspeciality hospital. His interest in students activities was unparalled as he  donated his entire body to a medical college.

Born in a village in North Bengal, now Bangladesh in 1943, he moved to Gujarat from his childhood with his bureaucrat father . But he finally moved to Baroda in 1965, where he settled down with artist wife Sumati.

Gangopadhyay went to Afghanisthan on a world Bank project for two years,where he  taught English and also  Computers to their bureaucrats. The country was then in a turbulent state. Healso wrote about turbuence  in Gujarati journals.

After Post Graduating in English from MS University in 1965, he taught English there for a short while. He was a Senate member and also engaged in Students Welfare. He was  on the forefront of the city’s activities. He was active in the Gujarati Literary  circle.Prof Suresh Joshi’s literary circle kept him active.He wrote short stories in Vrushchik and Kshitij magazine both run by Prof Joshi.
His proficiency in Bengali helped him translate Jeebananda Das’s Bangla works into Gujarati. He has translated several other works from Bangla to Gujarati.

He contributed several articles in the Gujarat journal Samipe. His writings on the demotion of the Bamiyan Buddha caves was very well  acclaimed. The  article was accompanied with photographs taken by him 
In the earlier days of United Ways, he actively worked with them.He translated their text into Gujarati .

His love for wild life was phenomenal which made him a Board member on Baroda based animal care organisation  V Care.

Cultural activities kept him very active. He was the Secretary of Darshan Film Society in its formative stages. He was a connosier of Hindustani Classical  Music and active member of Swar Vilas, the decades old Music group. He sang very well. He also sang  traditional garbas during Navratri festival.

Gangopadhyay taught Bangla to the lovers of the language in Baroda for several years in Premananda Sahitya Sabha. He taught in the Bharatiya Bhavans School of Journalism.He was thus in touch with the activies of the city.
His interest in Fine Arts and performing Arts was also amazing. He actively articipated in the city’s renowned Shakespear Society. He also acted in several Gujarati plays.

He combined it in his professional career as a Management consultant. He organised several camps for artists, both local and national for several Corporate and Public Sector Companies.

Gangopadhyay joined the Gas project when it started here as an Administrative Officer and saw its ups and downs . He had worked as a Senior Executive Officer in Jyoti Limited and started the Corporate communications Department in Gujarat Alkalies.

He continued as a management Consutaltant , where he conducted several training programmes in Gujarat for Corporate and Public sector companies.He along with his artist wife conducted several camps for artists including  Umargam, Narmada  areas.As a member of the Baroda Management Association and Baroda Productiveity Council, his contribution to the management sector was unparalled.