Farmers of Gujarat in adamant mood


“If promise breached, farmers prepared to unseat the government”   

Khedut Vedna Yatra 

Memoranda accepted; meeting promised soon by the government

Ahmedabad, Jan 2: On the final day of the Khedut Vedna Yatra (A footmarch to highlight farmers’ distress in Gujarat), a 450-km long foot march undertaken by  Sagar Rabari and Pinakin Dhamelia of Khedut Samaj-Gujarat, about 1800-2000 farmers from Gir, Junagadh, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Botad, Surendranagar, Ahmedabad, Banakantha, Aravali Bardoli and Surat districts joined them at Vaishnodevi circle to march towards Gandhinagar.

(A footmarch to highlight farmers’ distress in Gujarat)


ved-yatra-4 vedna-yatra

Providing details of the final day of the march Sagar Rabari, Secretary

Khedut Samaj – Gujarat told as follows:

The farmers were marching in a disciplined manner in a file of 2. They are stopped by the police near village Tarapur. They were told that the CM Vijay Rupani would not be available today, but an officer would come to them to receive the memoranda and a meeting with the CM would be fixed in the coming 4-5 days.

 Ironically for the farmers, the VGGS – the land and water-guzzling monster and their nemesis – is the reason why no one, beginning with the CM and the senior ministers or the senior officers, has any time to spare to listen to the farmers or their vedna ( pain – grievance).

If the CM promises to meet the farmers in the coming 3-4 days then the farmers did not mind giving the memoranda today. They wish to solve their issues peaceably and amicably, and to prove this they have dispersed after submitting their memoranda.

While maintaining a positive attitude towards the promise made by the government, the farmers are also faced with a dilemma as to what actions to take if the government fails to keep its promise, which has happened as a rule rather than an exception in the past. Despite this, they have chosen to repose faith in the word of the government, one of the foundations of democracy.

The farmers have employed all possible democratic means – rallies, demonstrations, fasts, foot marches – to raise their issues. If the government breaks its promise once again, what then? In that case, the farmers have decided to employ the ultimate weapon in a democracy – their franchise. Farmer representatives and leaders will tour villages and districts to relate the tale of government neglect and breach of promise.

They will then proclaim to the people: “Vote for anyone except the present regime which has worked to destroy farmers and agriculture” and “Do not allow the representatives of the present regime to enter the villages for canvassing”. The farmers will be left with no option but to remove, root and limb, the drunk-on-power present regime. The gathering dispersed with a solemn vow to combat this anti-farmer regime and to put their might behind this task.