10th Global Agriculture Leadership Summit 2017


Bilkulonline, New Delhi, July 25: The 10th Global Agriculture Leadership Summit will be organized on 5-6 Sept, 2017 in New Delhi on the theme from “Agriculture to Agribusiness”, under the chairmanship of Prof. MS Swaminathan, Pioneer of India’s Green Revolution. The Summit is organized concurrently with the Global Agriculture Awards and the release of 10th Agriculture Year Book 2017.

Agriculture continues to be the prime engine of livelihood security and social transformation in India and the developing world. However, with globalization of trade and economies and emergence of services sector as the main driver of economic growth, share of agriculture in national GDPs is declining, widening the gap in rural urban incomes and economic opportunities. To address to the challenge of national and global food and nutritional security in the face of climate risks, there is need for greater global cooperation, increased investments, trade and technologies, and connecting farmers with the markets and consumers. Agriculture sector needs paradigm shift in our policies with end to end approach from farm to fork with value addition at each stage to maximize farmers’ gain. Agriculture needs transition to Agribusiness.      

The Leadership Summit 2017 aims to bring at one platform the key stakeholders from the Government, industry, institutions, states and national and international bodies to deliberate upon the challenges and bring out a Road Map and Action Plan to accelerate the flow of investments, trade and technologies, and agribusinesses through global partnerships towards achieving food and nutritional security and environmental sustainability.