10 Chennai Cafes That Make Any Trip Worth the Effort


By Sushmita Parekh

A bag full of shopping and eclectic adventures are not the only characteristics of travel. Mental bliss is an equally important part of any trip you may undertake. After all what could be better than a fine dish of local spices with a refreshing drink to make your trip memorable? Indeed, relaxation on vacation cannot take a better shape! But what if you can get just that amount of ease along with your choice of environment? Now that is one experience to look forward to while you are in Chennai. The café culture of Chennai is an astonishing feature of its land which can rarely be found at the same standard in other states of India. So, if you wish to have a bite of this modern cultural experience do visit the following cafes in Chennai.

  1. Amethyst

Find cheap Ahmedabad to Chennai flights and fly to Chennai for the eldest and famous of all its cafes, Amethyst which demonstrates its historicity through its colonial-era heritage bungalow. But don’t be taken by its sophisticated looks only. Check out its finger licking food, smoothies range and banana bread treats for a delightful experience.

  1. Crisp

With its own brand name and reputation, the Crisp at Kothari Road, Nungambakkam is a desirable destination of tourists with “tooth for sweets” and western range of dishes with an Indian touch.  If you wish to appreciate sophisticated surroundings, then this café if for you.

  1. Ashivita Bistro

Talking about mixed menus, Ashvita Bistro probably takes it one step further from other cafes by offering continental cuisines like Thai, besides oriental curries, popular momos and monster shakes.

  1. Ciclo Café

You don’t need to be a decorated Tour de France cyclist for appreciating Ciclo Café’s interactive design which incorporates cycling props into the aesthetics of a coffee shop.

  1. Chamiers Café

Are you a student of Indian colonial history? Or pump up on the idea of having an evening snack with royalties? Then Chamiers Café is for you! It’s interior designing with its collection of Colonial-era Madras photographs, and mouth-watering dishes is sure to transport you across time.

  1. Writer’s Café

Chennai’s café centre of intellect and innovation is indeed its Writer’s Café where budding authors and accomplished writers make their way to enjoy international dishes with exciting company. Don’t forget to thank your stars if you happen to meet the brave chefs of this café who have challenged the victimised position of burn victims to emerge as strong individuals.

  1. Latitude by the Park

If you walk into this decorated diner and witness a number of coat wearing and formally conversing customers, then don’t feel awkward for this café is a decent venue for all kinds of meetings – be it friendly or corporate. Do stay back for desserts if you happen to pass its lane.

  1. English Tea Room

The clinking of chinaware and soothing colour blends are the characteristic of any British tea party and especially Chennai’s English Tea Room Café. Visit this place for enjoying a typical taste of the British cuisine like assorted sandwiches, raisin scones and clotted cream with strawberry jam.

  1. Lloyds Tea House

This café for teas has an incredible menu of Italian and Thai dishes which are sure to refresh your traveller’s exhaustion.

  1. Café @Inko Centre

This small and spatially limited coffee house is a great place for peaceful relaxation and tasty food. Go to this café on Boat Club Road after a tiresome day to elope in yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Find cheap Ahmedabad to Chennai flights and visit these cafes for discovering yourself in inspiring silence and stimulating atmospheres.