🏆 Vivo IPL 2017 Time-Table 🏆

Kolkata: The IPL 2017 Trophy being on display during its 'Trophy Tour' in India ahead of IPL tournament in Kolkata on March 18, 2017. (Photo: Kuntal Chakrabarty/IANS)


Date      Teams               Time
05 April SRH vs RCB     8pm
06 April RPS vs MI        8pm
07 April GL vs KKR       8pm
08 April KXIP vs RPS    4pm
08 April RCB vs DD      8pm
09 April SRH vs GL      4pm
09 April MI vs KKR       8pm
10 April KXIP vs RCB   8pm
11 April RPS vs DD     8pm
12 April MI vs SRH     8pm
13 April KKR vs KXIP 8pm
14 April RCB vs MI 4pm
14 April GL vs RPS 8pm
15 April KKR vs SRH 4pm
15 April DD vs KXIP 8pm
16 April MI vs GL 4pm
16 April RCB vs RPS 8pm
17 April DD vs KKR 4pm
17 April SRH vs KXIP 8pm
18 April GL vs RCB 8pm
19 April SRH vs DD 8pm
20 April KXIP vs MI 8pm
21 April KKR vs GL 8pm
22 April DD vs MI 4pm
22 April RPS vs SRH 8pm
23 April GL vs KXIP 4pm
23 April KKR vs RCB 8pm
24 April MI vs RPS 8pm
25 April RCB vs SRH 8pm
26 April RPS vs KKR 8pm
27 April RCB vs GL 8pm
28 April KKR vs DD 4pm
28 April KXIP vs SRH 8pm
29 April RPS vs RCB 4pm
29 April MI vs GL 8pm
30 April KXIP vs DD 4pm
30 April SRH vs KKR 8pm
01 May MI vs RCB 4pm
01 May RPS vs GL 8pm
02 May DD vs SRH 8pm
03 MAy KKR vs RPS 8pm
04 May DD vs GL 8pm
05 May RCB vs KXIP 8pm
06 May SRH vs RPS 4pm
06 May MI vs DD 8pm
07 May RCB vs KKR 4pm
07 May KXIP vs GL 8pm
08 May SRH vs MI 8pm
09 May KXIP vs KKR 8pm
10 May GL vs DD 8pm
11 May MI vs KXIP 8pm
12 May DD vs RPS 8pm
13 May GL vs SRH 4pm
13 May KKR vs MI 8pm
14 May RPS vs KXIP 4pm
14 May DD vs RCB 8pm
16 May Qualifier 1 8pm
17 May Eliminator 8pm
19 May Qualifier 2 8pm
21 May 🏆 Final 🏆 8pm